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The Autonomus Cleaning Machine C5 combines sweeping, scrubbing and dust mopping together. Powered by Agibot Autonomy and with the usage of various sensors, C5 specializes in handling different environment and leading the industry with real-time obstacle avoidance. Equipped with the workstation, C5 can also perform self-chargeing, disposing of wastewater, sewage tank rinsing and fresh water refilling in use. C5 can help you improve cleaning quality, increase cleaning productivity,reduce the cleaning cost, which will give you a brand-new intelligent cleanning experience. C5 can be widely deployed to supermarkets, airports, industrial buildings, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping mall and other scenarios.

  • 90
    Water Tank Volume
  • 25
    Scrubbing Pressure
  • 550
    Washing Width
  • 95
    Debris Removal Efficiency
  • 4
    Self-cleaning of Sewage Tank
  • 1980
    Max Cleaning Efficiency
  • 5000
    Fan Lifespan
  • 3
    Scrubbing Endurance

Key Features

Professional Cleaning
Safe and Reliable
Intelligent and User-Friendly
Multi-functional Machine Sweeping, Scrubing, Dust mopping
Heavy-polute One-Time Cleaning High Water Volume & High Scrubbing Pressure
Debris Removal Efficiency >95% Double Side Brushes & Double Rolling Brushes
Zero Distance Side Brushes close to the edge
10%+ Efficient Same Body Width Maximum Cleaning,Automatic Partitioning Algorithms,
Cloud-based Learning
Closed-Loop Cleaning Automatic Re-cleaning for Missing Areas
Triple-Platform Control for Robot, Mobile,& Cloud
Remote Start,One-Touch Start,Initialization at Any Location
Autonomous Boundary Recognition for Cleaning,Automatic Task Zoning,Automatic Map Update
Access Control and Elevator Linkage
Automatic Scheduling,Automated Job Reporting
Automatic Charging,Automatic Water Filling and Drainage,Self-cleaning of Sewage Tank,Reduce Human Intervention
Laser-Vision Fusion Positioning Technology,More reliable
Visual and Point Cloud Fusion Perception,Effective Recognition of Various Obstacles
Blind Spot Activation and Deactivation,Fall Detection,Collision Warning
Diagnosis Covering Rate>90%,Proactive Anomaly Alerts,Remote Maintenance
Fan Lifespan 10000h,Dual-Path Redundant Spray Design,Long-Lasting and Durable

Workstation Introduction

The workstation is equipped with functions such as automatic charging, automatic water filling and drainage, and self-cleaning of the sewage tank, that effectively improving the manpower efficiency of intelligent cleaning equipment applications. It can be optionally equipped with a mobile water tank, suitable for scenarios where waterway piping modification is inconvenient.
Dimensions 520 (L) * 310 (W) * 1038 (H) mm
Water Tank Volume 8L
Water Filling Rate 7-10R/min
Sewage Release Rate 10-15L/min
Maximum Power 1800W
Rated Input Voltage 200-240V
Autonomous Resupply
Automatic Charging,Water Filling & Draining
Automatic Tank Cleaning Post-resupply to Prevent Debris Accumulation and Odor, Reducing Maintenance Frequency
High Adaptability in Deployment
Optional Mobile Water Tank, No Plumbing Modification Required. Easy to Deploy and User-friendly
Application Scenarios
Shopping Mall
Transportation Hub
Large Supermarket
Office Building

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